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features of the voting system digital assembly wevote

Features of the weVote voting system

In this text, we will analyze some of the features that make our electronic voting server unique and extremely efficient for any type of evoting (from the simplest to the most complex).

First of all, we would like to underline that thanks to our weVote electronic voting system, we have given the possibility to various companies and/or societies to vote electronically at the same time as using a video-streaming platform for the digital realization of the Assembly. In other words, weVote makes possible to optimize the use of eVote systems with video-streaming systems.

In addition, weVote, through its legally valid e-voting service, makes possible to achieve very high voting performance in digital assemblies and eElections, as it allows, among other things:

  • The sending of personalized emails containing instructions on how to cast the vote electronically.
  • The creation of the so-called Landing Page to guarantee full control, by the voter, of the voting part and the part corresponding to the digital Assembly; in such a way that the voter can manage the video-streaming system and the e-voting software with complete autonomy and simplicity.
  • The realization of a demo with the customer, so that the customer can use our e-voting system in advance respect of the official vote: this allows the client to be “prepared” on the day of the real voting, so as to avoid any inconvenience.
  • Sending of unique and personal voting credentials to all participants in the vote.
  • Possibility of displaying graphs of the voting results in real time or at the end.
  • Voting can be done from PC, Mobile phone and Tablet.
  • The use of a video conferencing system that supports up to 3,000 people connected at the same time.
  • To certify each vote and the entire electoral process in compliance with the requirements of State and European regulations, namely respecting the requirements set out in eIDAS.
  • A system of digital delegates that determines the creation of the final census in an automated and secure way.
  • The so-called Voter Accreditation, prior and/or contemporaneous with the vote, which is done for e.g. by uploading an ID card etc.

Secondly, we underline that weVote also offers the possibility of elective electronic voting, namely, our e-voting company is specialized in the field of voting to 360º, in fact it manages to bring assembly and elective votes together in the same electoral process.

As a consequence, we remind that we have developed a service that is perfectly adaptable to any voting requirement; in particular, we have developed a Flexible Voting service that is especially adapted by Boards of Directors, City Councils, Parliamentary Assemblies, Listed Companies, etc.

Finally, we underline the legal and electronic robustness of weVote‘s digital voting services, as we act on the basis of legal requirements and we certify the entire voting process with Certifications issued by State and EU Certification Authorities.