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weVote offers e-voting services for popular vote in the European states

weVote is a legally valid e-voting platform and offers an efficient and valid e-voting system throughout Europe and in some third countries (for e.g. Canada, USA, etc.). In fact, we state that weVote acts as a Trusted Electronic Service Provider in compliance with the eIDAS regulation at the level of all EU countries.

In addition, the e-voting services we offer have, in a non-limiting way, the following application modes:

  • General Assemblies
  • Plenary Sessions
  • Administrative Councils
  • Elections of representatives
  • Popular vote / Popular legislative initiatives (so-called Referendums)

The services offered by weVote meet the requirements set by the European Commission in relation to eVoting. In other words, these services are characterized by the following features:

  • Transparency of voting
  • Verifiability
  • Reliability and security of the system
  • Anonymity in voting
  • Only one valid vote or abstention is allowed per ballot paper
  • The votes remain “sealed” until the scrutiny
  • The counting takes place after the closure of all voting operations
  • Secrecy of the vote is ensured

weVote offers the possibility of voting from any digital device connected to the internet and equipped with a popular browser, or via physical or electronic voting stations located in the Electoral Office. In other words, we allow the expression of the vote, within the same electoral process and with the creation of a single final act of results, through digital devices or through Smart Ballots.

Therefore, in view of the above, we affirm that we give the possibility of voting in the following ways:

  • Electronic
  • Electronic / Presential
  • Mixed
  • With legal auditor
  • With smart ballots
  • Postal

Consequently, we affirm that weVote is able to offer a certified electronic voting service with independence of the number of voters (from tens to millions) and the type of election. So much so that weVote offers the popular/state eVote service with full legal validity and security.

The type of voting indicated in the previous paragraph can be exercised by applying different voting methods in the same electoral process, for e.g.:

  • Through electronic voting: allowing people to vote from anywhere on the planet with legal validity
  • Via physical or electronic stations located in the electoral offices, etc.
  • With postal voting
  • With Smart Ballots: electronic ballots that are scanned with very high-speed scanners

At the end of the electoral process, the votes cast through all the voting methods indicated above are counted as votes cast within the same electoral process. Therefore, weVote allows votes to be cast in a variety of ways to achieve a high level of participation, in complete security and with all the legal guarantees at European level.

In the light of what we have said in this article, we believe that weVote is able to provide e-voting for state, regional and municipal referendums and/or votes; because, thanks to its eVote systems, it allows each person to express their own will of vote, thus guaranteeing a key point of democracy, namely respect for the Constitution, which states that all citizens, men and women, of full age, have the right to vote. This right is personal, equal and free.

“All citizens, men and women, who have reached the age of majority are voters. The vote is personal and equal, free and secret”.

Finally, we believe that weVote is the right tool for millions of people to cast their votes, as it provides the highest level of legal security in the various electoral processes, preventing any kind of electoral fraud and/or attacks on the security of the system that could compromise the successful of the elections.