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weVote and eDemocracy

In this article we describe how weVote is promoting eVote and eGovernment to the extent that it is one of the best platforms on the market that develops eDemocracy.

Firstly, let us refer to what is meant by eDemocracy, which can be defined as the use of electronic procedures and platforms with the aim of increasing the democratic participation of citizens, through their involvement in decision-making processes and the promotion of mechanisms to monitor the functioning of politics. In particular, the adoption of new information technologies transforms the nature of communication, making it horizontal, equal, and allowing it to proceed from the bottom up, so as to dispense with traditional social mediators.

Secondly, given the close relationship with what has been indicated in the previous paragraph, it seems appropriate to define eGovernment as the use of information and communication technologies (ICT) in administrative processes through which the Public Administration aims to make the action of public administrations more efficient, improving on the one hand, the quality of public services provided to citizens and decreasing on the other, the costs for the community.

Thirdly, taking into account what has been stated above, we affirm that weVote, through its certified and 100% legal eVoting system, is a remarkable promoter of eGovernment as it offers various services that refer to the digitalization of democracy, namely:

weVote eElections:

by means of this digital voting service, we give both natural and legal persons in the public and private sectors, as well as political parties, trade unions, etc. the opportunity to electronically carry out the various elective votes that characterise each type of organisation. All this is in line with European and State legislation. For example, through this activity it is possible to elect:

  • Presidents,
  • Trade union representatives,
  • Committees,
  • Boards of directors,
  • Etc…

weVote eAssemblies:

Through this secure digital and legal voting system, weVote allows, as its name indicates, the implementation of the so-called digital assembly votes which, if the customer wishes, can be implemented, in parallel, with a video-meeting session, thanks to a tool that can connect up to 3000 users simultaneously. In this case, the participants will be able to conduct the meeting digitally, consult documents, make statements, present motions, etc. …. and, subsequently, express their vote digitally in accordance with their statutes, national and European legislation.

In other words, through our voting services, will allow the various organisational structures to digitally and/or electronically organise Ordinary and Extraordinary General Meetings, or other types of General Meetings that may involve a large number of people.

weVote eBoards of directors:

weVote has designed a tailor-made service for electronic and legal elections and/or votes within Boards of Directors and Executive Boards.

weVote Parliaments & City councils:

Lastly, we refer to the service that most “impetuously” enables the establishment of the concept of digital democracy and eGovernment, to which we are referring in this article.

In other words, with the service we are analysing, weVote makes it possible for municipal councils, parliaments and public administrations in general to electronically carry out any type of voting (assembly and/or election) that takes place within the aforementioned institutions.

In addition to the above, and in order to further substantiate our potential for digital democracy, we state that we have created the, i.e., we have implemented an integral electronic government and transparency portal management service for public administrations.

As a result, we are able to organise and/or manage for PAs, digitally and with the greatest possible legal validity, transparency portals, the document and multimedia system as well as social media streaming etc….. In other words, Public Administrations, and not only the latter, could have a complete service covering all their management needs, including their communications to the population.

In the light of the above, we conclude by saying that weVote focuses on the concept of certified and legally valid eDemocracy, as we are eager to make technology available for the digitalisation of services that characterise the daily lives of citizens, public administrations, companies and the entire population in general.