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How to organize yourself to make the best use of the voting platform and videomeeting?

In this article, we analyze the main steps that need to be taken in order to optimize the use of the weVote voting system with the videomeeting platform.

In concrete terms, we will consider two major variants, namely, two major modes of use to optimize what was stated in the previous paragraph.

As a result of the above, we state that the organization under analysis can be managed in two distinct ways: firstly, using the mobile phone and computer simultaneously and secondly, using only the computer.

Mobile phone and PC use

Now, we are going to analyze the first way of organization to manage in the best possible way the two electronic ‘platforms’, namely, we are going to analyze the case in which the use of mobile phones and computers is expected.

As a consequence of what is mentioned in the previous paragraph, we affirm that, after receiving the e-mail containing the credentials to access in the weVote landing page, the voter is advised: firstly, to carry out the so-called log-in in the mobile phone and open in that mobile device only the part corresponding to the video-meeting; secondly, to open the same e-mail, corresponding to the vote, in the PC and, after carrying out the above mentioned log-in, access to the voting ‘area’ only in that electronic device.

Therefore, the voter will be able to view the videomeeting on their mobile phone and will be able to vote easily through the use of a PC.

In our opinion, the mode described in these paragraphs is the most convenient and comfortable as it allows full freedom in the management of the two described functionalities.

PC-only use

Now, we are going to describe the second application variant of these two major ‘areas’ that characterize the voting process. Namely, we are going to analyze the management and/or organization of the voting and of the video assembly only through the use of the PC.

In that case, unlike what is indicated in the previous paragraphs, the log-in must only be carried out on the computer, using the eMail and the access password received in the eMail.

Therefore, once the above-mentioned log-in has been carried out, the voter will be digitally launched in the called Landing Page, in which he or she can view a videomeeting section and a voting section.


Consequently, the voter should click on the “Access” button to enter in the video assembly area.

Once it has been opened in a different ‘digital window’, the voter may digitally implement this digital window to be able to, for e.g., place it on the left or right side of the desktop etc….

At the same time, the Landing page will remain open in the “original navigator”, so the voter should, in that case, click on the “Vote” button to enter in the voting area in a different digital window.


For this reason, the voter will have the video platform on one side and the weVote platform on the other side.



Por ultimo, por otorgar mas argumentaciones en cuanto descriptos en dichos párrafos, se anexo un video explicativo:

Namely, he or she will be able to simultaneously display on the same desktop, the videomeeting part and the voting part.

At the end, to give more arguments to what is described in this article, we attach an explanatory video: