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Participation increases exponentially with weVote

Participation increases exponentially with weVote

In this text, we want to show that with our electronic voting system, participation increases, in percentage terms, exorbitantly.

In other words, by comparing the participation rates achieved in traditional – presential voting with the participation rates achieved in voting carried out with the eVote services of weVote, it can be deduced that, with this last service, voters participate more extensively, actively and effectively in voting processes.

In order to bring arguments on what has been written in the previous paragraphs, we are going to analyze some concrete cases where the participation under analysis exceeded 90% of the votes received compared to the total potential voters. In concrete terms, we analyze the following two cases:

1º- Vote of the Council of Geologists of Emilia – Romagna:

In traditional and/or presidential votes, the abovementioned Order was always obliged to continue in second summoning, for all that, the average duration of its elections was of six days.

Nevertheless, thanks to our online remote voting system, the presidential elections of this Order obtained the quorum required by the Statute in first summoning: obtaining, in a period of sixteen hours, the 94% of the votes received, respect to the total number of votes that might have been cast.

Therefore, all this shows that with weVote the voting has been greatly reduced in terms of time and resources, as it lasted sixteen hours instead of six days as indicated above.

2º- Voting of Italian Catholic Association:

This association has selected our excellent electronic voting method called weVote Flexible. By virtue of this service they have achieved, in their five votes from different regions, very high voting percentages: concretely they achieved an average of 93.08% of votes received.

The percentages mentioned in the previous paragraphs show that electronic voting systems are increasingly an effective, secure and legal tool which allows you to cast your vote, guaranteeing the various associations and/or organizations the possibility of obtaining the expression of the vote, in its electoral processes, by the majority of people who have the right to express it.

Also, we underline that weVote counts with a recall service by virtue of which it stimulates participation in the various electronic votes. In other words, the reminder is a service which serves to put the focus back on the vote in order to increase voter participation.

To send the previously mentioned reminder, the weVote e-voting software uses eMail and/or SMS, so as to avoid all mailing costs and all expenses related to the preparation and printing of envelopes etc….

Finally and as a consequence of what has been stated in the preceding paragraphs, we affirm, first of all, that we are working in line with the care of the environment, which is an increasingly central theme in our current surroundings; secondly, that we are offering a legal and certified voting service that compliance the requirements of State and European legislations.